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Undercabinet Lighting & Recessed Ceiling Lights

16 years ago

Putting in new cabinets and want undercabinet lighting. But there's so many variations and kinds of light systems out there. As many electricians as I've interviewed, either each has a different suggestion or no suggestions at all.

I know I don't want halogen. But, what about flourescent, vs. xenon vs. LED? Do they necessarily have to be dimmable? (I know flourescents can't). I'm not after mere accent lighting. I want something that's attractive, yes, but functional (i.e. able to enhance my vision while working at the counter).

Re recessed lights. My kitchen is very, very dark. No direct sunlight. Was afraid that recessed lights would not brighten up ceiling as well as the rest of the room. Afraid light was too 'concentrated'. But I like the profile (or lack thereof) of recessed. What's your thoughts and here again, what kind? Flourescent or incandescent? Or should I just stick w/as large a flush mounted incandescent as I can find or a large flourescent that can be retrofitted w/a new ballast to accommodate a (albeit expensive) dimmer since dimming would be necessary for these/this light(s).

Any thoughts greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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