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Its worse than I thought

19 years ago

Well I asked here months ago about NuWall and repairing plaster walls.

I finally started pulling the layers (14, count them) of wallpaper down in the kitchen. I finally stopped about half way through the wallpaper when it became apprant the ONLY thing holding the wall up was in fact the oldest layers of wallpaper. Underneath all that paper its totally shattered. It started falling out the bottom in littl tiny chunks.

Now I'm not sure what to do. I'm doing this work myself and while I felt up to putting in some anchors, patching a few cracks and holes and putting on a new finish coat this looks utterly hopeless.

The BF was over on Sunday and his opinion was to remove the last layers of wallpaper and plaster that didn't just fall off the walls with it and put drywall up over the lath. It certainly would be easier. I'm at the point of just wanting this DONE. The kitchen has been torn apart for over a year now.

Any thoughts guys? I assume putting the drywall up over the lathe wouldn't be too difficult but I've never done that, just put it up over new studs.


Tandaina - Also wanting to STRANGLE the PO.

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