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Raised Dining Bar on Peninsula

13 years ago

My first thought for a raised dining surface for our peninsula base cabinets was a vertical backsplash of 9-10 inches topped by a 12-14" wide top of the same material used on the counter top. Corbels or angle braces would be required to support the overhanging dining surface. Traditional style corbels would not blend with our frameless cabinets, though.

Another approach would be to support the dining top with angled stainless supports such as these:

Instead of granite or solid surface, the dining top might be wood matching the cabinets. This would reduce its weight compared to the counter tops. The dining top would not get as much wear as the counter tip, so wood might suffice.

Here's a similar installation found on the web, but which uses granite:

Since we will have wall cabinets suspended over the peninsula it might also be possible to support the dining top from the hanging cabinets.

It might be possible to put horizontal electrical receptacles in the dining top facing the counter top work area, or perhaps even put the undercabinet lighting on the bottom of the dining top.

Here is a link that might be useful: {{!gwi}}

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