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final layout?? I'd appreciate your input!

14 years ago

I have come up with what I believe to be my final layout. I've listed my concerns/questions below the layout. It is not exactly to scale, but I've shown correct dimensions.


Some background:

My current kitchen has the same footprint. Looking at the new layout my Cooktop is currently in the island with a downdraft, wall ovens are where I've put the fridge, fridge is currently to the left of the range.

Things I wanted in the remodel:

1. cooktop out of island ( too small; things land on top)

2. keep an indoor grill

3. better ventilation

4. gas burners

5. granite counters

6. GE Monogram range (recent addition!)

7. use existing cabinets - this will allow me to purchase better equipment & do other projects elsewhere in the house


1. Will I like going from wall ovens to a range?

2. Is the fridge too far from the sink?

3. Will I mind facing a wall to cook?

4. The range takes up my baking prep area.

I have considered the following alternatives, but each still presents a challenge:

1. moving the cooktop to the penninsula - still stuck with a downdraft, wall oven far away

2. Keep current layout & get single door fridge that opens up to counter rather than cooktop - still have downdraft & possibility of still wanting to prep on island cooktop

3. total redo to L-shape with large island - love this idea, but this would still place two appliances over 11 feet apart. Aesthetically it would look good, but DH loves our pennisula. So, it would look nice, cost alot more & not give any more functionality that the layout pictured.

I would really appreciate any input you can give on the current layout while addressing my concerns. Thanks so much!


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