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Home office / homeschool / clutter....yikes!

14 years ago

This is sort of a vent and also a "what do you do with this stuff?" post.

I have piles in 4 areas.

1)Kitchen island. Dh piles the mail. During dinner it gets schlupped to the table or the "useless" desk area in the kitchen. I found that the island is "IT" because it has the best lighting w/a skylite above it, and it's at waist height for doing anything. Yes, I deal w/the mail immediately.

2) Useless desk area in the kitchen. Just what are those for? You can't put a real office there. What do you do with that other than to schlup stuff over there from somewhere else.

3) My office and homeschool/craft storage. My computer, home bills, homeschool curriculum, my personal inspirational books/homeschool books. This room contains a closet full of shelving of office supplies, craft supplies, homeschool craft supplies, sewing, etc. that I just had decked out for storage. Also contains a table just of crap that needs to be charged. If DH brings home one more thing that needs a plug...grrrr.... But you can't "craft" in here, because the lighting stinks. yes...we've already replaced that too, but it's still not good enough. And if I craft in here, DH won't...he will do it at the island. I had pinewood derby parts in my kitchen for a month and a half.

4) Armoire I put my dh's computer in. Full of junk. I couldn't do anything else, but to give it to him then close it off. He is the way he is.

I am organized to a fault. But I spend 2 hours every day picking up, sorting, throwing, stuff out. The problem is yes...stuff. I'm pretty much down to nothing as far as decluttering. I have decluttered for 5 years. We have 3 home businesses. Two are in the garage, one is in the house. Don't go there with the one in the house... I've been there done that, so that paperwork has to be housed in my office, hence another filing cabinet. The Mail has to be sorted to each business. I have a sorter in my house and my Dh takes this out to his office person and to himself. However he doesn't want to throw some out and picks and chooses what he wants to take out. I secretly toss it then.

Problem! I can't stand it anymore. I have an entire room in my house devoted to junk and it's my office and looks like crap. It's not the lack of room, but the lack of proper space or enough space in a single area that can house things that ridiculous desk area in the kitchen. What ARE THOSE REALLY FOR? I want an office but I don't know what concoction of ways to organize this anymore. You can't organize junk, but it's junk we need and we need to see it.

We homeschool. More junk. We don't have a basement or an attic. The garage is not connected. We bought new laptops so we could dump the huge computers, etc.

Just where does all the phone, game chargersh, office junk, bills, go in your house? I see these offices they re-do on TV and it's like please! They can't possibly use that!

Thanks for letting me vent and any words of wisdom are appreciated. Somehow I grew up in 1600 sq ft w/4 people (we have 3) and managed not to have every or any room look like a cyclone. I really hate the electronics and the double tv's and all this junk!!!!!!!

Whew...I feel better now.

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