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The world's dumbest closet dimensions

13 years ago

I just purchased a new house -- new to me, anyway, it's an old 60's basement rancher. Well designed overall, but the closet in the master bedroom is the dumbest closet ever -- it's 3' wide by 5' deep.

There's no room to expand the closet in any direction, so it is what it is. There's no light in the closet either. (Maybe someday I'll add one.) Painting the inside of the closet white has helped a lot with visibility.

So far I have only come up with one idea to make the closet more functional. I was thinking of building nice, deep 15" shelves along the back wall and then in front of that adding two closet poles. There is a closet in the hall nearby for coats and the few long clothing items I have. The shelves behind the clothes could be used for off-season storage and infrequently used items.

Anyone have any other ideas? I'll be constructing the closet this weekend and other than making it bigger, I'm open to any ideas.

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