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Need help from granite experts re: Enhancing leathered granite

10 years ago

Hi! We're scheduled to have our granite installed on Friday - they're starting fabrication today - and I have a question about how our fabricator has proposed enhancing our slabs.

We've chosen Leathered Titanium slabs that currently have a sort of chalky finish to them. We've known all along that we want to have them enhanced but we want a natural or matte finish - nothing shiny. In the past - on travertine and tumbled stone, not granite - we've used Dupont Enrich 'N Seal Professional and really liked the results. We usually applied a couple of coats - wiping the excess off after 5-10 minutes - and it gave us the rich color we wanted without a sheen.

However, our fabricator described their process as follows:
In the shop:
Enhance the stone
Let it penetrate for several hours or overnight
Buff it off with - I can't remember what he said - steel wool maybe?
On site:
Apply a sealer

I've never heard of buffing or polishing after applying an enhancer but is it common practice? Do many fabricators enhance and seal separately vs. using a dual purpose product?

We tried a little bit of my enhancer and a little bit of his on a corner of the slab yesterday and they looked the same. I'm just worried about what the "buffing" will do to the appearance, along with the final sealer. Should I ask them to make me a sample before they do the entire slab? Maybe out of the sink cutout? This might all be standard practice but since I'm not familiar with it - I don't want any surprises when the granite shows up at my house!

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!

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