1913 balcony: how to add privacy screen (vinyl mesh?) for period?

12 years ago

Hello -

My main question is this: can this be done in a way that won't be an eye sore and will look like it's pretty much always been there - w/ the exception of vinyl mesh retractable (manual) screens? The only screen that will stay up year round would be the one facing the neighbor's bedroom, and I imagine it would be a cream-color.

I was thinking it could be a pergola-like structure only without the beams going across since I want the top open. It will go on the side balcony above our sunroom, and the balcony's just outside our bedroom and faces straight into our neighbor's bedroom. It's a pity cause I feel like I can never use it and it gets great sun and also is a great place for sky-observing at night w/ telescope. I

It's a 1913 colonial revival house, w/ craftsman details, in a neighborhood that will expect it to look period-appropriate. Our house trim is white so this would have to be painted white, too, and it would have the necessary craftsman looking details/molding on the two corner pillars to help it fit in. The sunroom's only 6x12' so the balcony which has some overhang is probably about that size or a little smaller.

There are companies out there that make retractable screens that come in different colors, e.g. the one in the link below.

Thank you so much. Any feedback, opinions or experience (ever seen anything like this?) would be much appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Retractable vinyl mesh screens like these...

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