'What do I *WANT* in my junk drawer?'

9 years ago

I'm tackling the junk drawer / shelf of the triangular closet. Or, maybe it's really my apartment's version of the utility closet.

I pulled everything out, sorted, tossed *some* stuff (not nearly enough, just the obvious stuff).

And then realized that I didn't want to just mindlessly put it back more neatly.

So I sat down w/ a piece of paper and a pen. And said, "What do I go to the closet to get? What sorts of things do I expect to find there? And then that's the ONLY thing that can go back in; everything else has to find another home, or go to the garbage.

Some of this will go into drawers; other stuff will go into a basket on top of the drawers. Tools will go on magnetic strips that I have to mount to the walls tomorrow.

Here's my list:



twist ties (the extra-long ones; the shorter ones, I look under the sink)

Wobble Wedges (a limited supply--Altoid tin!)

Poster putty and Quake Hold

Flower-stem caps/water picks (I have 5 small ones)

carry handles for twine-wrapped packages



iron cleaner

extension cord

Camelback cleaning solution

Packing tape

Masking tape

Duct tape


Lock de-icer

Then, of course, tools, and a few screws or nails. But that's another topic altogether.

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