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Am I still Too Cluttered?

19 years ago


I have spent the better part of four days working on my kitchen. Painting and redoing. I had it pretty well organized, until the painting started. You can see I ended up with a huge mess but could not be helped. I did clean it up.

My question is........... If you have time could you look at the pictures and tell me if you think more needs to go. Sigh......... I know I have a lot of canisters on the counter. We have things in every one. Tea Flour Sugar Coffee Popcorn etc. No junk. LOL The corner they are in is a wasted corner because I can reach the canisters but not clear back into the corner without my stool.

By organizing the rest of my kitchen I was able to have the glass doors made for the cupboards on the stove side of the kitchen. And why didn't I straighten the little towel on my stove before taking the picture??? LOL Since there is not a wall for my china cabinet I put my china in the cupboards. Worked, with some more purging.

I do not know how to make the album, New Kitchen, public so my user name is shades_of_idaho and the password is junkyarddawg.

Thanks for looking and give it to me full blast. I can take it. This house is 600 SQ FT smaller than our last house, we just moved in June, and I need to get a reality check here.

New Kitchen Album


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