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Progress update...Am I on the right track here?

12 years ago

Recently I requested suggestions to help me improve the look of our great room/dining room in our new house. The feedback I received was so helpful.

Here is what I have done based on the suggestions:

1)pulled back sectional toward door and moved rug foward

2)put up stationary drapery panels above sectional and placed them at the same height as the top of the tv alcove

3)curtains in dining room

4)larger vertical artwork above fireplace to replace the clock that was too small there.

As I mentioned before, I am planning on purchasing a tall tv console shortly so please disregard the way that left side of the room looks with the extra table and teeny tiny lamp. Also, I intend to paint this space with a color that is not the current peach toned color.

Am I on the right track here?? I do not know how to decorate the dining room table-- any thoughts or images to share? Do I need a third stationary drapery panel in the middle of the windows near sectional? And lastly,does the metal scroll above fireplace look ok? Should I hang vertical picture instead? Appreciate any feedback as always. Im very grateful for the thoughtful suggestions I received earlier. PS- the spot next to fireplace (where potted plant is) is usually occupied by a large and hideously ugly dog crate that I cant eliminate (but cant bear to put in the photo, sheepish grin here)

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