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Wrong color oriental; correct with chairs, drapes, blinds colors?

15 years ago

First, I'd like to thank oceanna for the couple hundred pictures on the Gallery. I went through them a couple of nights ago, and they were immensely helpful in clarifying my thinking, even if I've come to the wrong conclusions here ;^)

We now have a 9x12 oriental rug in our living room which although multi-colored, has a dominant color of medium green that from some directions and in some light can look either olive green or have a goldish cast. These colors don't look especially good with the Indian multicolored slate fireplace wall (9' high) when it looks bluish-grayish green during part of the day. There are also occasional dark pink/maroon streaks in some of the tiles, and liberal scatterings of dusty rose in the rug. The white oak floor, which is stained a medium light color, looks sort of orange when pink is near it. There's a medium light cherry coffee table on the rug that is a little darker orangey color than the floor.

The doors and windows have white trim that was chosen to go with the bisque appliances in the adjacent kitchen (so it hints of yellow), and the wall paint is a light/medium(?) taupe that has a pinkish cast that looks nice with the medium grayish green granite (in the kitchen) and the fireplace slate.

I would like to minimize the effect of the olive, gold, orange, and pink colors however I can, and could use some direction as I go out and look at fabric samples. As you can tell from the melange above, I'm not good with colors, so would greatly appreciate any help you can give me!

We'll be getting 2 new chairs at some point, and I think I'd like for them to lighten things up a little, partly because the rug looks dark at night, and also because the rug that's in the kitchen eating area and the other one in the living room behind the sofa have cream backgrounds except for the borders. Other colors in the green rug besides the olive green, gold, and dusty rose are a bluish-gray green that does match the fireplace, scattered burgundy accents, some pale peach accents, and a light goldish beige border. There's a lot going on in the design, but overall, it's sort of blendy subtle, not a strong in your face piece.

Other furniture on the green rug besides the cherry "orange" coffee table are a camel back sofa (irregular wide blended stripes of mostly burgundy to brown and narrow dark green with a little cream with an overall overlay of tan flocking(?) in a sort of paisley design) and a medium mauve leather wingback chair. Both look good with the dusty rose in the carpet, although the sofa looks tan in bright daylight due to the flocked overlay.

There's LOTS of daylight in this room with four 42"x66" windows on the NW and a triple casement (84"x66") on the SW with additional light coming through the wide dining room doors. There are also beautiful views through these windows that I don't want window treatments to detract from.

I've pretty much decided on drapery panels on each side of the triple casement, and on each end of the bank of 4 fixed windows. We have a local fabric store with an unbelievable amount of samples, as well as Calico Corners, so I think I should be able to find something I can make myself. Because the rug behind the sofa and in front of the casements is creamy beige with 7 narrow borders and and overall small pattern of rust, gold, and tan, I'm thinking that I need to get some green down at this end of the living room. So for the panels, I was thinking of looking for a subtle pattern with pale soft green, something a little darker than the taupe wall, and maybe some very soft light peach to pull that more from the rug, but I have no idea if this does what I want to minimize the undesirable colors.

For blinds, I think it will be woven wood shades with a design with a strong vertical pattern due to the width of the triple casement. There are also 2 sets of these windows in the dining room, and one set in the kitchen eating area. I'm leaning toward creamy white ones with slight orangey brown accents, or something a few shades lighter than the orangey floor.

So, chairs, drapery panels, blinds, (throw pillows), and minimizing the olive green, gold, dusty rose, orange. Any ideas?


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