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Beach House Paint, blue furniture & ? walls

12 years ago

Hi, this is the first time posting on the decorating forum. After years of thinking about remodeling our primary home and getting help in the kitchen forums, we found a cute 2nd home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and are currently remodeling that instead. So I am supposed to pick a color for my husband to use tomorrow! And am so back and forth. He will be painting the family room and kitchen area which will be one open room. It is a fairly small area but looks large as it is an A-frame style house. It is a beadboard type panel that he will paint over. The drywall/ceiling part and trim will be SW Extra White. Now I need help on what color to paint all this wood????

The kitchen will be moved into this room and then the kitchen and other room (with the blue carpet and steps) will be a larger family room but all open to each other.

I have seen many pictures of cute cottages in all white paneling and thought I would do that . He thought we would do a very light khaki/neutral. And then I started looking at creams with butter/lt yellow tints that I also like. I am very torn. Seems white will be easiest to add some accent pieces later, but he thinks it is too boring and was hoping for contrast against the ceiling etc. The sofa and chairs will be the Ikea lime green and navy blue pieces.We gave a TV table, sofa table and bookcase that are all white.

So... I have no idea what color to begin with -a white, a cream like SW eggwhite or SW fullmoon(More yellow), or a more neutral cream with tan.

These type of cottage pictures always make me think white.. but is it too much white??? Just seems to make it easier to incorporate fun color pieces similar to this yellow one or other .

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