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Need Advice on setting up our office/filing

17 years ago

As most of you know we just started a new business (a real estate guide) that we primarily run out of our home. We have a huge master bedroom, that now must become an office too. Space isn't a problem, but we really don't have a good filing system set up. We currently have a deep four drawer file cabinet that is about 1/2 full with our personal info. We will be buying a beautiful set of office furniture, that has a couple built in file drawers, but that is waiting until after we are actually seeing a positive cash flow! We are open to buying any other filing systems we need. We will need to save all PDFs from each book to a disk and keep those. We also need to save all contracts, billing, legal info., etc. to paper files. There are many brochures, letters, etc. for advertising that we also need to save. I am very uneducated when it comes to setting up a good office. The furniture we will be buying is set up for a two person office, which we will need, as both myself and DH need places for our stuff. I guess I am wanting to know if any of you have filing systems you use, books on setting up filing and an efficient office you can recommend and the like. I really want this to be an easy place to be where I always know how to find and access everything. Any ideas or resources would be appreciated! Thanks!


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