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Flooring in older home, go matchy or different?

10 years ago

Hi all! Thanks so VERY much for your help with my powder room. It won't be ready for full reveal until Feb due to flooring issues.

Speaking of which: a major reno in our 1960s faux-traditional house requires new flooring in four areas:

1. New Kitchen
2. Old kitchen (new laundry room)
3. Hallway between new laundry and family room
4. Powder room off the hallway

I THOUGHT we had a plan:
1. New Kitchen - sorta match the existing maple already in rest of place
2. Old kitchen - something cheap, depends how bad subfloor is
3. Hallway - sorta match maple
4. Powder room - tile

Now I'm stressed out because a friend has my husband convinced we should install maple all four places then refinish the ENTIRE first floor so everything 'matches.'

This is a 60 year old home built to look like a 90 year old home -- I'm not convinced everything has to match, and we are on a budget! Plus flooring dust and moving everything. Ugh. Then again I look at comps (flips) and it looks like they've done new engineered throughout.

Help me out or vote?
* "Sorta match?"
* Refinish everything?
* Go completely different? Tile? Hickory?

New floor plan:

LR/DR - new kitchen going behind the doors. Old maple is golden tone.

Family room - newish maple is natural tone

Old kitchen (new laundry - cabs will be white)

Hallway to family room (fridge and beyond)

New kitchen mood board:

Thanks for any help, ideas, votes or opinions you can give!

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