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I'm so frustrated with lamp shopping -HELP!!!

16 years ago

This is driving me nuts. I love the pendant lamp over my kitchen island which I purchased 10 years ago and I don't see anything like it now. DH wanted a fan over the kitchen table so I foolishly gave in. Insert banging head on table - I should have bought a lamp to hang over the table then. Instead, here I am now trying to find something to replace the fan. I can't find a matching pendant and I don't have a clue now what to hang over the table. I'm hoping that someone here will have some ideas because my eyes are permanently crossed looking at all the lamp etailer sites. My style is transition to modern - simple, clean lines.

Here is my pendant which I love and would like to keep over the island which is a large square and you can see from the foyer - so I want some oomph there.

And here is that lonely, silly looking fan which is only used as a lamp.

When I saw this at overstock

I thought it would be perfect, but then I thought - oh no it will look like I tried to match and just missed.

I look forward to all suggestions and help. Thanks in advance.


Here is a link that might be useful: Novello 3-light Pendant Light

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