An Organized Clothes Closet - What a Concept!

16 years ago

52. Buy a closet organizer instead of just dreaming about it.

In reading Blazedog's 100 Tips to Becoming Organized, I realized I'm on my way. (Think Talley Sue's "Infrastructure"!) I DID it. Hallelujah. Organized Living was having a sale on their closet systems, and the Time is NOW. Tomorrow it gets installed, and I can hardly wait. I thought I'd done pretty well up to now, but having a new kitchen that puts "everything in its place" made me realize I could get better space from my closet, and make it easier on myself to find things. I've been slowly trying to get there in the other closets, and my clothes closet has been the last to get any atttention. I secretly lusted for a closet organizer that I would never let myself have, always trying to "make do". I'm glad my husband was willing to assist me in this, and am looking forward to making things work better! I'm getting an actual shoe rack, and three different spaces on two levels for hanging clothes. We also thought about putting a clothes bar up near the ceiling to hang the out-of-season stuff, so changing seasons can be done in in a matter of minutes. I bought open-end pant hangars, which should make hanging pants a breeze. I can hardly wait. (Do I sound like a freak?)

Who actually has an organized closet "system" in place (which requires hardware) that's working for you?

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