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How would you decorate around this rug?

13 years ago

This is my dining room rug. (Please click on "room scene.") Just across from it, in the LR, is a companion rug with very similar colors in it. The LR rug has a bit more true turqoise or aqua in the medallions.

These rugs drive me crazy. Really crazy. One would think that with all these colors it would be easy to choose wall colors & furnishings to go with them. It's not.

I have Queen Anne Pink walls that seem to work well with them. Pink sofa & ivory chairs & ivory curtains do too. But what else would work? I just tried painting one small wall in the DR with Palladian Blue sample paint. The color is a slam dunk for the medallions in the rugs, but it looks garish & gross on the wall. I think I need a warm color. Gold, btw, looks hideous with the ivory curtains/chairs.

In the Karastan pic I posted, the walls look kind of "Lancaster Whitewash-ish." The one upholstered piece in the room is ivory.Is that the best choice? With the big, dark, navy field, I felt I needed more color than the Linen White that I had in there. That's why I went w/the pink, to warm things keep starkness at bay. What do other people who own these rugs use with them?

My DR rug seems to have enough red in it that a pair of red accent chairs I have actually looked pretty good on it. Could I do a red sofa? Then what color walls?

Should I just get rid of these rugs & start over with a new color scheme? DH said I could sell them on E-bay (have only had them 2 years!) I don't really know how to do that, & don't want to lose money either.

One bit of good news: Was in a furniture store last week & saw that the 9x6 version of my LR rug now cost what I paid 2 yrs. ago for a 9x12! The other rug has been discontinued.


Here is a link that might be useful: Afshan rug

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