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paint color for old pine floors

14 years ago


We are finally fixing up a room that we call an "ensuite" that connects to our bedroom. It actually was a 2nd floor porch (that had a door from the bedroom) that opening is still there, without the door. This porch has been closed in with windows. To the side of it, it has a little bathroom.

We painted the walls a neutral color..yellowy tan, put in high white baseboards, painted the dark pine stained ceiling white. We tore down one wall that left us with exposed brick and painted that the same color as the rest of the walls. I would have loved to keep the natural brick, but it was painted white already. We tore the old carpet and subfloors which left us with painted gray plank pine floors.

The room is approx. 13' X 8'and will probably house a nice big armoire and a desk etc.

My question, finally, phew...I do not know what color to paint the pine floors. I have no desire to strip them and sand them. I was thinking of a glossy dark brown...but maybe too dark. or even white..but I'm looking for a more cozy feel. The bedroom this "ensuite" is connected to has the original strip oak flooring. I'm not looking to match that.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.



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