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What did you change in 2007 that's working in 2008?

15 years ago

I've noticed some changes I made last year that are really working for me, and making my life so much easier. The first is evident as I look out my window, where I decided to line up all my bird feeders. I did this because it's protected, and having them all in one place makes it so much easier to keep them filled and maintained. Also, it's not precarious to access these when the weather is foul, and birds like having a buffet. As I spend a lot of time in this room, it's ideal for bird watching, and I enjoy my regular visitors. We replaced the windows last year (so I can finally see out of them!) and the birds kept flying into them. I needed a barrier to stop that from happening, so this is a win/win situation for everyone.

I just put my Christmas cards away in a clear plastic bin I got just for this purpose. I could reach it, knew right where it was, and didn't have to search for the cards when the time came to send them this year. I had also switched all my Christmas decorations to bins with red/green lids, so I instantly know what to go for, and got rid of the cardboard boxes with holes for handles. Everything stayed so much cleaner, except for the dust on top of the bins!

A friend is bringing an out of town friend of hers by this afternoon. I'm grateful I'm not freaking out that my house is a mess, which is something I would have done in the past. Last year, drawers, closets, bookcases and surfaces got streamlined so everything had a place. When I went to clean up my office, it was a 10 minute operation, for which I'm grateful!

Switching to slim-line hangars in my very small closet has changed my life. When I discovered I could air dry my clothes on these and get rid of my thick plastic hangars, I got new real estate that our old house desperately lacks.

Our bathroom remodel of last year minimized our bathroom clutter to essentials only. I particularly like the feeling that this room is usually acceptable when unexpected guests arrive. It's also easier to clean and use and I'm grateful for the ease and level of comfort it provides.

The office files are organized and accessible, on a rolling cart hidden somewhat under my desk. This system is finally working for me, and it's so nice to actually be able to find the piece of paper I need. I've learned not to save it unless it's absolutely necessary.

The garage is finally a delight to park my car in! There's nothing around the car any longer to impede my pathway to the door. A grab bar we added for safety is a huge relief; the one I chose has a bracket which leaves a tip so I can hang my shopping bags on the bar as I get myself up the steps, and easily grab the bag(s) once I'm inside the door. DH has a portable work bench that's easily moved if necessary, and I have shelves in the garage that never existed before. It's no longer the project that we have yet to tackle (hallelujah!) and our basement got some serious space back.

Speaking of bags, I switched to reusable bags. I have some that fold and fit into their own pocket which I carry in my purse, and specialized grocery bags. We can easily recycle some plastic bags, but these were ganging up on me, and I like using (and reusing) my own bags. I fold them to go back into my car once they've been unloaded. I forgot them recently and used a paper/inside plastic bag from the store, and both of them tore before I got into the house. Not with my reusable bags. (Highly recommended!)

My baking center is easier for scooping flours and sugars due to larger openings on plastic bins (Lock N Lock) for measuring cups. What took me so long?

One last thing I wanted to mention is that I started physical therapy late in December for a problem that I've had all my life, and I'm walking straighter/better/easier than I've ever had. I organized my health issues last year into an action plan that's working for me and this is Big! (Pro-active is a place I like to be.)

So how's your progress? This is a great place to report some positive changes. I know I'm feeling better going into this year than I have in a while!

Here is a link that might be useful: Reusable bags

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