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Double or single-paned for replacing vintage casement windows?

9 years ago

One of our original casement windows in our 100-year-old house blew out in a windstorm last night, so we need to replace it and its twin (which has some of the same issues that apparently made the first window vulnerable). We are getting identical windows as far as the number of lights, style, etc. but I'm undecided on whether to do single or double-paned glass. Double-paned obviously has some insulation benefits, but these are small windows and are honestly likely to lose most heat through the seals as the house shifts, not through the panes themselves. They are along the front of our house facing the street, so they're very visible. I'm not sure whether they'll look different aesthetically if they are double-paned or whether it really doesn't matter at all. Single-paned is cheaper, but the cost difference is negligible. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks!

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