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What's your favorite corner solution? Help me understand options!

Stacey Collins
13 years ago

I know this has been discussed to death and i've read many of the threads, but can we talk about it some more?

I have one corner in my new layout. The kitchen is very small, so every square inch of storage space counts a lot. The corner is not accessible from behind for a tray storage like some of you have: it's really in a corner. We are on a tight budget, so I am looking for the most reasonable solution w/o spending too much.

I guess my basic question is: which is better: a 39" (?)blind corner cabinet with some system to access, plus a 12" pull-out next to it; OR a ~36" corner cabinet which would have one of those bi-fold doors and a lazy susan mounted on the shelves (is that called a super susan?).

I have never had the bifold doors before and they seem like they will get dinged from hitting other cabinetry.??

On one side of the corner is the range, a NXR which sticks out a couple inches from cabinet depth. On the other side is the DW.

Have looked at Blum corner drawers: too $$$ plus they look scary and pointy!

Have looked at Lee Valley blind corner wire system. Good price. Ikea may have a similar unit.

Our cabinet maker makes a super susan similar to RevAShelf. The back corner of the cabinet is cut on an angle, so you do lose some space there.

How do you think these options compare in utility and price? Other thoughts?

Thank you!!


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