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Can anyone help me find a small bathroom vanity?

16 years ago

I have a beautiful antique Chinese mirror that I want to hang in the powder room. It is mostly gold tones with some very faint red paint on it. It's ornate but not too heavy. The niche for the sink is only 31 inches wide so I need a 24-25 inch vanity. When I search for Asian styles mostly sleek modern pieces pop up. The mirror is very traditional. Should I give up my search and just have the cabinet maker build in the vanity? If so what style and what wood should I use. The rest of the house is Arts and Crafts/ Mission style. I just wanted to do something a little different in the powder room. Plus I know that it wasn't uncommon for Craftsman styles to have an Asian influence (though probably not gilded mirrors! LOL) Any suggestions?

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