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I'm overwhelmed... anyone else?

15 years ago

Does anyone here get overwhelmed by the task at hand? I have had a lot of illness in my household and have had to let the clutter build up. I had to keep on top of the "regular" duties, cooking, laundry, cleaning the baths; kitchen, but that's all I had time for. I am trying to catch up but the task is so overwhelming, I'm getting depressed. I am trying to remember not to discount the fact that I've accomplished some things, but those thoughts of "You didn't do it all" "Your house still looks horrible", etc. still creep in. To make matters worse, we were invited to dinner at my husband's coworker's home. That guy is so the opposite. I was scared to sit down, it was so clean. His wife told me that if she didn't read a magazine in 2 weeks, he threw it out! They're coming to our house later in the Spring so at least I have time to work on it, but I don't think my house would pass his standards. They took us on a tour of their home, and while it was clean, it didn't look as if anyone lived there. The walls were bare, there were no personal objects in rooms. Granted, it was a new house, but I'm sure his old house was just as spotless. Makes me feel like even more of a mess. Am I obligated to take someone on a "tour" of my home?

Thanks, y'all!

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