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To refinish pine plank--or add runners? Where to buy?

15 years ago

My husband just decided today to rip up these nasty old 1950's brown "faux wood" linoleum squares that are in the hallway of our 1870's farmhouse...lovingly installed by Grandpa and an Uncle...thanks a lot! It looks a THOUSAND times better already...but...

Underneath, we kind of expected to find the hardwood floor that's in the rest of the house--most of which is southern yellow heartpine. Instead, it's not-so-pretty 4" pine plank subfloor in the back 1/3 of the house (the front 2/3 is a step up and has higher ceilings...we think there's real hardwood underneath those tiles).

Trying to decide whether to do the following:

--refinish as is and leave it all exposed

--refinish but add a runner in

--carpet the whole hallway and both sets of stairs (currently there's the cheapy Lowe's runner on the back stairs and industrial grade wall-to-wall on the front stairs)

We have three little kids, so being safe on the stairs/hallways is a priority. That being said, the second option is my favorite--adding runners (since we already have the hardware on the back stairs). But where can you buy nice runners that match for both the hallway and the stairs?? (not necessariy expensive...but a step up from the ones on the big roll at HD or Lowe's!).

Thanks for any help/suggestions!!!


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