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Bike covers a HUGE failure!

18 years ago

I'm miserable - can't stop beating myself up over this!

Our first attempt at covers was a failure too: a canvas/tarp material, great quality, weatherproof, same that is used for awnings, BUT OF COURSE too stiff and heavy. 45 Euros spent on it and then another 10 to convert it into balcony rail screens. I'd prefer bamboo, but I couldn't bear to throw money away and it turned out ok after all.

Second attempt could be a success, BUT I DIDN'T think it out well. Too small. I should get more material and probably I should not cut the corners off. I again cry over the money spent (27 Euros) and I can do nothing to redeem this one. The only good is I didn't pay for both covers to be sewn and I didn't finish the one I was sewing myself.

DH will be quite upset as he's waiting 4 months for me to find and implement a solution...

I'll probably wash and disassemble the covers and offer the material (which is quite nice by the way) to the church's sewing workshop in hopes they'd like to use it for a child's pageant costume or something...

Tonight, on the way home - just hope the couple of hardware stores I have in mind have this thing - I'll buy a big piece of really cheap material (that is used under olive trees when the olives are gathered) throw it over them, secure with rubber bands and be done with it! It won't look nice, but I've had enough, don't want to spend any more money on this and after all, it will be only for a couple of years, until DD goes to daycare - when there will be no point in having the awnings up all the time.

In the mean time I'd appreciate any sympathetic comments... I'm sure not alone in making such mistakes but I feel so bad about it and I know I'll get no sympathy from DH, or my Mom for that matter.


Here is a link that might be useful: you should be able to see some pics here

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