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Has anyone restored old beadboard walls? HELP

12 years ago

I own an old house built sometime before 1940, I think. I say that as all studs, joists, etc are oak wood, rough sawn and "real" 2X4's and 2X6's. Judging from the layers of wallpaper we've uncovered, I'd guess built before 1920 but I just don't know for sure. Anyway, the older parts of the house were completely covered in beadboard, put on horizonally, the ceilings and walls. Throughtout the years and through different owners much damage has been done to the original beadboard, no one removed it, they have put drywall over it, and paneling over the drywall, in some rooms. The ceiling was dropped from 9' to 8' foot with drywall on that.. People have cut huge holes through the ceilings and walls for plumbing, electric and central heat vents. I believe in one bedroom the beadboard was removed but it appears to be in the kitchen, another bedroom, the ceilings in all rooms and the bathroom. It was in a little room that had been a porch, converted to a laundry room, on two walls. We had to take it down there to add insulation to the walls, besides the fact that some had water damage. I saved all that I could savage from that room.

We are now remodeling our bathroom, which I didn't realize had beadboard, as the hallway beside it didn't, I thought they were added on later than they were, apparently.

What we have uncovered is three walls of beadboard. The beadboard on the outside wall, I think would have to come off because even though someone blew in insulation some years ago, it has settled, so we need to replace that and the tub is on that wall, so it needs something waterproof around it (grandkids slash!). Right now the bathroom is covered in pink tile, half way up, all the way around.... which is attached straight to sheetrock, which is over the beadboard!

We haven't uncovered it all, yet. The wall behind the bathroom sink has a lot of damage, where they cut out (busted out would be a better description) for electrical and plumbing updates at some point. I have enough to replace these damaged boards and if I run in to much damage on the opposite wall, I should have enough to replace that with what I take from the outside wall or I can tear into another room to get more, as we will be taking those rooms apart, also.

The beadboard was never painted, it was wallpapered (over and over). It cleans up pretty nice but not good enough to stain, I think it needs painted (I would never paint new beadboard, I love the wood look) but it isn't practical for these boards.

What I'm wondering is has anyone on here took on this type of project? I can't find many good pictures online of before and afters. I've cleaned and painted a small section behind the sink, just to see how it looks but I'm wondering if two whole walls of that, will look anything like one little section.. Also wondering how it will look with one wall of drywall (which I guess I could paint another color, the beadboard will be antique white), but then something different around the tub.

I would appreciate any feedback on this.

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