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Ikea vs. higher-end (Signature or Cabico)?

15 years ago

I have heard great things about how Ikea is better than any other lower-to-mid-price cabinet, but does anyone have an opinion about how Ikea cabinets compare to higher-end cabs like Signature or Cabico(both semi-custom or custom), in terms of durability/longevity? I am looking at these brands, all frameless with 3/4" plywood boxes, full extension glides and Blumotion, but the cost is waaaay higher than Ikea, even if I factor in the $2500 deposit we already paid our KD -- there is a net difference of about $12-13,000 (about $21k for the expensive cabs, versus about 8k for Ikea, including the deposit we would have to kiss goodbye). Installation seems to be roughly equivalent, a little higher for the higher-end cabs.

This is our forever house, and we want these cabs to last as long as possible (although it appears that I could replace the Ikea cabs sometime down the road for about the extra that I would pay now for the more expensive ones, factoring in the labor etc). Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the expensive ones really would hold up any longer than the Ikeas? Thanks.

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