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Derelict house restoration - advice?

9 years ago

You will all think that I am completely insane, and you may be right!
I'm an eighteen year old girl, living in Ireland, in my final year of education, and I've completely fallen in love with a totally derelict, rundown old house in my area. (Pic attached.)
The piping is stripped, walls have been kicked in, windows and doors ripped off. Structurally however, the house could be in worse condition.
I obviously wouldn't be moving in for several years as I am so young, but I've started digging for information as it could be my forever home in years to come.
I believe that the house is unlisted, so I will not have to protect any original features (although this would obviously be a priority for me.... Any remaining, that is.) the house is named Clonavell House, by the way. How beautiful :)
I was wondering if it would be cheaper for me to buy this house & accompanying land (with access to the sea and amazing views) and restore it to its former glory, or buy an empty plot and build a new house from scratch. Would there be a difference? I know that restoration is costly, but surely the fact that there is already a structure to work off would make a difference.
How much, roughly, would I have to put away for restoration of the house? Please feel free to reply with dollar prices. I'm sure the land and house itself could be bought for fairly cheap.
Again, as I am so young, I wouldn't be purchasing for quite a few years, but I'm very interested in finding out more about this.

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