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'40's lighting fixtures? ___ any ideas? ___anyone?

17 years ago

hello, good morning. If I promise not to be a Drive-by-poster will y'all share any ideas you may have for my old house?

Built: 1941, style: unknown, preference: aiming for a cottage-type look.

I really really lucked out and got a nice solid house at an insanely low price when I was under the gun to move in an impossibly short time period. That said - I have been here 18 months and I'm trying to figure out what I have, and what to do with it.

Living room is an 'L'. Poking around disclosed the smaller end was a bedroom and they took a wall down. Not something I can easily understand but it does make a living room/library combination that could be very appealing if I can someday install a bookcase/room divider both for aesthetics and to hide the scars on wall/ceiling/floor. The son-in-law and I started stripping the wallpaper in the library el because I'd peeked and discovered beadboard underneath. I'll spare you the painful details and post pics on PhotoBucket. We haven't done any refinishing on the walls just peeled/soaked/scrubbed 5 layers of wallpaper off. Pulled up carpet (pee yew!) and (drum-roll please....) it was 4" wide tongue-and-groove clear fir, NEVER FINISHED OR USED, carpeted all these years. We sanded and clear-coated just the one room, it's breath-taking. Now, I am confused as to what to DO about lighting. Do I just stay with table and floor lamps? There are no ceiling fixtures, no sconces. I love the look of either ceiling or sconce lights - but it's a 2-story making it difficult for new ceiling wiring and I don't want to booger up the beadboard walls too much with sconces... besides they would eliminate any tall furniture permanently, right?As for my ideas for 40's styles... I'm not a purist and the house has undergone various 'improvements', some of which were horrible mistakes, some are good, some just OK till the day I find a five gallon bucket of money and can do some projects. I adore Craftsman, and Art Nouveau, but I cringe from anything pretentious in this little house. The breakfast room has a round 50's ugly light, kitchen has a 3' fluorescent shoplight so I can't go wrong no matter what I do. (grin) Will be back in just a bit with photos.


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