He Doesn't Get It.

15 years ago

Yesterday's paper had a news story about a nearby suburban town, a nice place with well-established neighborhoods, lots of 1910 - 1940 houses, trees, sidewalks. The town has suspended almost all demolition permits for six months. Why?

One resident is quoted as saying that, in her neighborhood, four houses (in the $400K range, which, around here is very expensive) have been bought, razed, and replaced with "McMansions." The newer homes are selling at $1M or more. The present residents are afraid that the character of their neighborhoods will be changed radically. (And assessments are a concern too; this town already has very high property taxes.)

It was this quote from a builder that struck me, though. "A doctor or professional coming to town doesn't want to spend years pulling up carpeting or whatever. Instead of their spending years fixing an old house, we put a new house in there."

I am speechless. Truly. And this town borders my beautiful old city neighborhood. I hope this trend doesn't creep over.

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