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plastic ceiling medallion?

16 years ago

I recently had to remove what I thought had been a plaster ceiling medallion from our living room (entire ceiling had to come down due to water damage). It turned out to be a very thin piece of plastic, not perfectly round, the edges were the design of the medallion. All the previous owners did was glue it up there and paint over it several times and the edges look feathered into the surrounding ceiling. It really looked like an inset plaster ceiling medallion. I can't put it back up bec. it cracked when it was removed. I've searched the internet but all the plastic ceiling medallions out there are 1-2" thick. I loved this ultrathin (probably 1/16th " thick) one as it really fooled everyone (and I'm sure was very inexpensive. Does anyone know any source for something like this? Much appreciated.

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