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Pictures of Your Homes Cont....

19 years ago

Let's continue the photos of your homes. I finally have some to post of my own. I hope to have more to add to my album soon!! I have enjoyed viewing all of your lovely homes and have looked forward to the day I could add mine to the post and then it was full. :( So....I'm starting a new thread to continue the fun and to get to add mine too!!

Still much work to do inside but most of the exterior is done but for landscaping (to come later) and maybe some window boxes. It was built sometime in the '20s and is what I'm calling "French Ecclectic" or "Storybook" or "Historical Revival" Maybe one of you can peg the style for me. It is pretty unique I think. It has clinker brick and weeping mortar. The front door is original to the house. We stripped and stained it. Tore off the ivy to expose the rock work and wonderful patina copper porch sconce. The door hardware is original except for the mail slot. (Someone had put a shiny brass one in there and we had to change that out quick!)

The trim was painted teal but we changed it to the plum brown & red combination to warm it up and hopefully make it more inviting. (The teal was a recessive, cool color.)

Anyway...Here's our home. Can't wait to actually LIVE in it!! (Maybe a month or so.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Adelaide

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