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Doors for upstairs remodel - should they match downstairs?

9 years ago

We are remodeling our upstairs completely (because the 1970's DIY attic conversion from the previous owner is a disaster) and I'm wondering what to do about the doors. We need six of them, three visible from the hallway, and I'm wondering how much they need to match the downstairs doors.

We can get one door that looks somewhat like ours for $500/door, or ones that look exactly like ours for $900/door. If our downstairs doors were painted I would without hesitation do the cheaper door, but ours are stained so it's much easier to see the detail.

Our plan is to match the stain for the upstairs doors, along with hardware reproductions, and I'm wondering if that will be enough if the doors aren't exactly the alike.

Opinions are appreciated!

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