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Looking for feedback on art for my son's room...(w/ pics)

12 years ago

You all were so helpful with regard to the dresser, why not ask about the rest of the room!

Here's where we're at currently...the airplane grouping above the bed is staying; that's new. I'm wondering more about the smaller space above the bed, next to the window. I think it could use something bigger. Maybe something that isn't framed some type of wall hanging or vintage sign...??? Or do you think the current framed photo is fine? I think a headboard would help immensely, but that will have to wait for now. Maybe I should hold off on art until after I do a headboard? (I should also note that I'm working on new window coverings and bedding.)

I found this poster for $10 at World Market and thought it was cool (and hard to pass up for $10). I just taped it up to see how a bigger piece would look in this space. It would certainly need to be positioned a bit higher if it were to stay.

And here is the other side of the room, which also needs some art. My question over here is, do I hang something above the dresser, above the chair, both, neither? One big arragement? I have a bunch of smaller things - some framed photo strips, a little framed card, a tin "C", etc that I could group over the dresser. (Yup, that lamp needs a paint job and a shade!)

Again, here is the poster over the chair....just for fun.

So...any thoughts on either wall? The poster itself is not all that important. It's cute but I could easily return it. I'm open to other things besides art for either wall, like a big clock or a mirror? And, in case it matters, the one other wall (opposite the airplanes) that you sort of see in that last shot has a large book rack on it (much more full these days!) I don't think this wall needs anything. Just wanted to show you what else was in the room in case it makes a difference.

Thanks so much for any suggestions/comments!!

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