I need all you GW'ers advice on a budget basement re-do!!!

9 years ago

Hi everyone!

DH and I bought this home we are in close to 5 years ago. It has been a real labor of love, and we are very burnt out. However, we are in desperate need of updating our dungeon...I mean basement.

It is gross. Concrete floors that were painted and peeling. Exposed pipes and wires everywhere. We do not have the budget to finish this basement. Nor would we really want to considering how devastated our town was after Hurricane Irene. Although we did not get a drop of water in our basement, it really was only because our street never lost power and our sump pump remained functioning throughout the storm.

This will be a budget re-do. We plan on maybe stapling drop cloths to the underside of the floors to cover the pipes and wires. And painting everything with dry-lock. We'd like to put a TV and an inexpensive sofa down there and keep a bulk of the kids toys down there so they are not taking over our living space as they are now.

Gardenweb'ers always have very creative ideas and I was wondering if you all had pictures or other ideas as to what we could do with the space to make it more use-able. There is also a laundry area as well.

I look forward to hearing all of your responses.

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