first time on highway....scared!

13 years ago

ok, just to give a quick introduction. I am originally from Germany where I went through the strict motorcycle class to obtain my license, I had already been riding often downtown, outside town and even on the autobahn (NO SPEED LIMITS!!) but then during one class I ended up having an accident and have been scared ever since to hop on again. Now here in the US I finally worked up the courage and took the MSF course and passen (yay me), I then also practiced for quite some time on a parking lot with my new 08 250 Ninja and then hit the tight roads in my neighborhood with lots of tight turns and stop signs to get good practice on that. As braver as I got I decided to hit the highway from just one exit to the next, I did fine with merging (even though one nice driver just wouldn't let me merge and I had to slow down quite a bit)...BUT here is where I got worried, the wind didn't bother me as much and the handlebars didn't shake too much, but it felt the entire time as if my motorcycle would wipe out from underneath know, the feeling that you get when you lean really low in a fairly fast turn...I am just wondering if this is normal or I am just paranoid or if something is actually wrong???? I eventually wanna go to work (about 20 min on highway) and don't want to feel like that all the time, it is scary :-s

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