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after juicing 60 limes, i need a juicer recommendation, plz!

13 years ago

I am a lime freak. Limes are the best things in the world!

I live in a small, remote Alaska town where they can cost up to $1.49 EACH! =:O So, I buy bags of them whenever we go to Costco where they are much cheaper of course.

I had a friend buy 2 bags - thus, 60 limes needed to be done today. I freeze the juice in 1/3 cup portions, the amount I use for my fresh salsa (& other stuff). I managed 6 cups of juice for 18 1/3 cup packs.

I'm still recovering...This is what I posted on my Facebook as an update to give you an idea:

Kill me now! I don't care if it's $1,000...a juicer is getting into this house! I got 6 cups of lime juice - 18 bags of 1/3 cup each. (I used a citrus press that works like a garlic's fine for a few limes but it quickly loses its 'gee, I'm so manual' charm after 10 limes). It will keep me supplied for about a month. I must've gained 2 # of muscle squeezing those babies. My head was spinning, panting (memories of child bearing came to mind) Push! Squeeze! ACK!

OK...I've been looking up various juicers. I've had Jack LaLane recommended to me but the reviews are not good. I love my Tribest personal blender and they do have really, really expensive juicers in the $450 range. No thanks...I guess I lied about the $1,000. They have other options like the Citri-Star but I'm wondering if there's a lot of manual stuff involved.

I've heard that Brevilles are recommended by some.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! :)

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