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Am I on the right track w/ living room?

10 years ago

New to us house. Starting fom scratch furniture wise and want to have my plan together before I start buying pieces.

Room is small, about 10'w ( not including walkway in front of fireplace) x 18'L.

It's our only living space, so needs to be multi functional, but a lot of TV watching, lounging, etc.

Planning on this for tv, in same place tv is now. ( pic at bottom)

And then a couch where the love seat is now, maybe one like this, 78" :


With a console table behind it and two of those lamps that are there. Where the long couch is now, thinking about two chairs like these ( with new upholstery)

Round coffe table, would like something brass and glass. Remarkably, can't find too much with brass that I like and can afford.

What do you guys think? Am I on the right track, layout wise? I'm a bit worried about only having seating for 4, but don't know that 2 small couches affords me additional seating.

I'm totally open to ideas and suggestions.

I moved the dresser tv was on behind the couch last night. It's too tall, but just wanted to get an idea if console table would work back there.

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