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Low cost wall storage ideas for around flat screen TV

I miss this forum and haven't been around too much, my two little boys keep me busy! I'd really like some advice for what to do w/the tv wall.

Last night I realized that maybe what the wall needs is some sort of something that acts as a visual separation of the piano area from the tv area. I was thinking wall storage around the tv because our house is small and waaaaay short on storage. Maybe shelving or cabinets?

Our living room is pretty small, maybe 9x11, and the furniture is arranged functionally vs. aesthetically. The TV wall is soooooo ugly to me. My DS wants all his components out in the open so they don't overheat, so I can't hide them.

We have two main things on the wall: a piano and a dresser w/electronic stuff and a tv over it. I really dislike the arrangement but we have no other space for the piano and want to keep it. It looks funny to me, partly b/c the piano and dresser are about the same height. I love the dresser b/c of the drawer storage and really don't have the budget or desire to replace it.

Here are two photos that show the wall, please excuse the Pack-n-play, it's an essential piece of furniture right now :-)


I was considering hanging up the orchid photos that are sitting on the piano--to help define the "piano area"--but they just seem insubstantial and the photos are ones I took so they're not that nice.

The black binders that flank the dresser are where my DH stores a bunch of DVDs he never--I mean rarely--watches. He is very sensitive about my putting his stuff out of sight--he wants everything in plain view--so that's where they sit right now. We don't have room in the dresser for them b/c of video games, board games, other DVDs.


The stuff to the right of the red dresser, that's an in-progress shelf-painting project. I think the DVD binders will be able to go on the shelf when it's finished.

Does anyone have any ideas or photos of something similar? After I had my wall-storage idea, I reserved 3 or 4 "small home decorating" books from the library in hopes that I might see something that would work. Thanks!

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