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Please help me with the paint for this hot mess.

14 years ago

This house makes me hungry...every time I drive up I think I am at a McDonalds. Please help me get my mind off food and on to paint!

I am currently remodeling it, interior and exterior and I am very happy with the interior but I am having trouble visualizing exterior paint colors on this home since the existing colors are so, vibrant (I don't want to insult the previous owners, but what were they thinking?!). I am in a pinch because the painter wants to start painting this week.

I want it to look like a quaint bungalow or even ranch. We are going to change out the door, add brick to the patio, change the house numbers and the mailbox. The roof color is burnt sienna and I think I would like the trim to be a white or cream, I am even considering a blue door (more marine than electric) but I am open to all suggestions. The garage is detached and the same style and roof but will have white carriage doors. Thank you!

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