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KD / potential contractor = stress

13 years ago

the main point of the post:

When hiring a KD and a separate contractor: Whos job is it to buy the cabinets, tile and granite (and other stuff)? Who am I better off buying it through? What about a warranty  who takes care of any issues that pop up?

Hired a KD first who is helping with the layout, and helping me coordinate the whole project: kitchen gut & remodel; hardwood floor to go in DR, LR, Kitchen, FR and hallway; tiling entry; tiling laundry; tiling fireplace; and fireplace mantel.

Long winded background:

IÂve browsed the forum some and got some great advice this morning on my kitchen plan  now IÂve got a dilemma in hiring a contractor. IÂm the kinda person that checks and double checks everything. I have a hard time just accepting someoneÂs word for it. We did a master bath remodel 3 years ago which was an awful experience and why it has taken this long to do the kitchen. With the MB, I had trouble making up my mind on colors, tile patterns and actual tile besides the fact that the contractor just wanted to steamroll me and assumed I was an idiot who wouldnÂt check on the work and make sure it worked or was done to my satisfaction. Not that I was standing over his shoulder, but I did question a few things and got stupid answers. (ie, I asked why the tile in the shower had such widely varying grout width lines  he said it was because of the tile and that is the way it wasÂit looked awful (come to find out the 12x12 tiles were each a different size)Âand ultimately he had to do the shower 3 times. The 3 week project turned into a 6 month nightmare. So when we decided it was time to do the kitchen, I have a friend (more of an acquaintance) that is NKBA licensed/certified, and decided she could help. I chatted with her and a few other friends that used her for their kitchen/bath design. Everyone had only positive things to say.

So I hired KD in late October. She said she was getting the 20/20 software and would get me layouts. The software wasnÂt delivered until Jan. 12 and IÂve yet to see any of those designs with the 20/20, I did receive CAD drawings. Back to double checking everything. I didnÂt love the original layout, found this website, starting lurking and then posted. Many of you thankfully came up with some great insight. Now IÂve made some changes and like the new layout. The KD seems more helpful in the coordinating the whole project than in actual layout plans. The KD is very good with knowing requirements and spacing and color scheme. However, IÂve been lacking a final layout I like and feel works and addresses my needs. Getting there slowly.

The KD has a contractor she generally works with and he bid on the project. He actually got the bid to me within two weeks. I wasnÂt a big fan of hisÂand am still waiting on 3 other bids (been a month now) to have something to compare too. Called in two more contractors hoping for some response. Got one very eager to do business. He had a detailed cabinet layout, everything to me within 5 days, except pricing. However, he and the KD arenÂt very compatibleÂmainly because I guess neither one really listened to me when I said what the other was responsible for. So the newest potential contractor is bent out of shape that he isnÂt buying (and receiving kickback IÂm sure) cabinets, tile or granite. KD is assuming that is her job. There was a minor catfight between the two this morning. Leaving me sick to my stomach, headache and shaky all day. I hate confrontations and feel I have been put in a hard place.

This contractor has called me 3 times since that meeting for more info and is bad mouthing the KD, telling me the Scope of Work she put together doesnÂt address the right things, the layout is wrong (it is a layout from a month ago which has changedÂI told him this) and doesnÂt include legible measurements each of the other contractors bidding took their own measurements. He is very cocky and canÂt imagine why anyone would not want to use him. I donÂt like the attitude or that he doesnÂt seem able or willing to work with the KD. Though he has made me wonder why I donÂt have a layout in hand that I like provided by herÂor why the other 3 contractors havenÂt gotten back to me.

I need someone to be a mediator between me and the contractor. I need the two to get along. But I also actually need someone willing to give me a bid and do the work. I canÂt imagine why the other contractors havenÂt gotten back to me with a bidÂIÂve contacted them twice to see if they needed anything elseÂnone of them said they needed any more info than what was provided in the Scope of Work.

I donÂt need the stress before the project has yet to begin!

And I need a functional layout so I can order cabinets and get started on this project. Which I think I have with help from all you wonder GW posters has made possible!


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