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Another TV placement question (2 pics)

13 years ago

I was never able to envision a TV in my living room, and even now,when it's sitting on the floor in its box, I still can't. I wish I had room for an armoire to tuck it away, but I don't. Nor do I have the money right now for a custom-made alternative.

So........the TV (a modest 32") will be mounted on the wall presently occupied by the mirror. The top of it won't be any higher than the middle of the mirror. (The mirror, of course, is going.)

Under it, a small (29" high, 14" deep), plain painted bookcase will be placed on the floor.

I'm thinking this is going to leave a lot of blank wall. Do you think that'll look okay? If not, one option I was considering is hanging a small rug above it. I do rug hooking, so I suppose could make something for the occasion. Or black & white photography might be more compatible with the TV. I have some hung in the other half of the room (not pictured), over the piano and by the front door.

Thanks for your help!

PS: The music books are spread over the coffee table because I'd invited some people to come and sing.

Here's the rest of the room so you can see what's going on.

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