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Which Size Mirror is Best? (pic w/ 3 choices)

11 years ago

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

I'm torn on what size mirror to get for our bathroom.

Some info:

* Vanity is 48" wide (our vanity is Not the lovely one shown, but it's the same size)

* Light fixture is 27.5" wide (it Is the one shown)

* Ceiling is 8' (top of image is where ceiling is)

* The bathroom will mostly be used by our little one (a toddler) and guests

The mirror contenders are all from Ikea, as we're on a budget. It comes frameless, but I'm planning on adding some moulding to it, that matches the vanity.

Which size mirror looks best?

* A (31.5 wide x 37.75 tall)

* B (37.75 wide x 31.5 tall) or

* C (39 3/8 wide x 37.75 tall)

Also - would you add moulding (as shown - the moulding would be mounted on the glass, not around it), or keep it frameless? (But, that question might need to wait for when I upload a pic of our bath and vanity so you can see the style...we have subway tile and a sort of contemporary shower curtain. The vanity is dated and ugly, and I hope to paint it.)

Thanks so much!!

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