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Small galley kitchen needs design assistance to maximize utility

11 years ago

You may have seen my range vs wall oven thread, but now I need help with layout :)

Background: I live alone, I'm a guy in my late 20s, I do cook as much as I can but I'm far from a professional chef lol. The house is a 1000 sq ft 1950's ranch with a galley kitchen. It has the original cabinets with appliances updated in I believe the late 90s.

I've done some minor modifications including an OTR microwave and a 36" wide single sink. I also changed the lighting from the single sterile florescent fixture to dimmable track lighting. I tore out the original 1950s looking ceiling exhaust fan and repainted the walls and ceiling (white for now).

My complaints on the layout:

1) Not enough counterspace. There's NO counterspace to the right of the cook top and only 20" to the left until you hit the sink.

2) Not enough storage space, there's a pantry but I plan on getting rid of it.

3) The fridge door opens the "wrong" way.

To address these: My plans:

-Keep the overall layout- the sink and DW will NOT move. The cooktop & fridge will stay in the same general area. It does follow the triangle.

-Get rid of the wall oven and replace with range OR move the wall oven (more on this later).

-Change the cabinets and have the uppers that go all the way to the ceiling. (there's nothing behind the existing soffits)

-Change the appliances, to stainless. French door fridge.

-Redo the flooring with hardwood extended in from the next room over.

-I'm keeping the sink as it's only a year old and can be used over or undermount with a new countertop.

The parts I'm still in the air about:

- I'm leaning towards getting rid of the wall oven and putting in a range, that way I'll have counter space both left and right of the cooktop. BUT I do like having the oven at eye level.

-The microwave. I'm undecided on having the microwave above the range. The door swings open and I have to duck so it doesn't hit me in the head. I also think I mounted it a little too high but I like clearance over the cooktop too.

So to address the above two- I was thinking of getting rid of the pantry on the "short" wall, keeping the fridge at its current location, but putting a wall oven and built in microwave above it, then put a "corner pantry" next to that. I'd lose some counterspace on that wall though, where a small toaster is now.

OR- get a range and continue to use the OTR microwave. Then I can make the entire cabinet to the right of the fridge counterspace, with the angled base and angled upper cabinet to "flow" into where the basement stairs and back door are.

Layout (sorry if this is hard to follow)


Shot looking in from the dining room: You can see how the wall oven creates this rather large column and is RIGHT NEXT to the cooktop.

Shot showing the "main" wall and lack of counter space, esp once I put my KitchenAid mixer and drying rack in on the left of the sink.

Shot of the "other" wall. Where the fridge & pantry is. There's a small counter space to the right. To the left of the fridge I cannot put anything there as there's a chimney behind the wall. To the right of the wall is where the basement stairs are so I can't move anything left or right.

Any advice??

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