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Your ideas about how to arrange this built-in bookcase, please?

16 years ago

I love my books, they all need to be here or in another bookcase. With the Monet we had hanging I thought the books looked not exciting, but all right. With this new print though they just look messy and dull to me.

I have all my books sorted by category and in alphabetical order, and don't want to change that because I like to find them quickly and know which ones I've lent out, but I can change the arrangement of the categories or put more things in between them. The arrangement looks unimaginative to me at this point, and I don't have a lot of other "stuff" to display really. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The sofa and coffee table are going to be different -- we have a deep brown sectional with simple lines coming that will face the bookcase.

First pic is with the Monet; second with our new piece. And what should I put on top of them? It's a real small space, about 9 inches.

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