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Tube skylight in kitchen - opinions?

12 years ago

Can you all tell me if you think a tube skylight would be worth the cost/bother in our kitchen and, if so, where it should be located? Our handyman is coming by to give an estimate tomorrow but DH tells me (just now, lol) that he is not really in favor, so I think I need some voices of reason.

Our kitchen window no longer looks outdoors. I have been thinking that a tube skylight would be nice so we wouldn't have to have the overhead light turned on most of the day as we do now (we pretty much live in the kitchen and office area). I am very budget conscious but am willing to spend money on this (to a point) if it really will be worth it aesthetically, plus I thought if we were going to install one it would probably be good to do it before we choose new finishes and colors. If it matters -- one-story house, attic above kitchen, fairly new roof, lots of tall trees around the house, we have large rectangular skylights in the master bath and they are great.

DH thinks a tube won't add that much light and that there is no logical place to put one on the ceiling, but he says if I really want one he won't object.

So my questions to you are: 1) is a tube skylight likely to help the lighting in the kitchen enough to justify the expense, and 2) where exactly WOULD we put one? (because I think he is right about it looking odd.)

So here is our current floor plan, with apologies for posting it yet again. I've got the existing ceiling lights marked in red. There are two can lights over the peninsula (also marked in red). The peninsula will be going away in the new layout and we almost never turn those cans on anyway, so they will probably be removed when we redo the kitchen. Those are the only lights in the kitchen right now other than the one in the range hood. When we redo the kitchen I would like to add an over-sink light and undercab lights. I don't plan to change the main ceiling light fixtures. Appliances and the sink will be shifting around, but the walls and windows won't change.

The desk gets a fair amount of natural light from the wall of windows in the den. The kitchen gets very little light from its window and door.

Clear as mud? Do I need to just take this to a local lighting store and ask them to have a look? Thanks --


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