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Tender & Swollen Breasts? after menopause

16 years ago

Hi...I am new to this...Found it from a google search.

The last three days I am experiencing tenderness and swollen breast (both) just like when I had PMS symptoms all my life. I feel like I want to put ice packs on them! I have taken Alieve and Tylenol etc and help a little but this am they are I have not had my period in almost three years and these symptoms also. What's going on? Has this happened to anyone else. I am not on any kind of HRT or herbal etc. Menopause started at 42. I am 53 now. The last year ALL symptoms have gone, even the hot flashes which were the last to go last summer. I was sooooo happy to get rid of everything! Now this! Is this a neverending road of surprises! So is this yet STILL more random hormone imbalance due to menopause? I have been under a lot of stress lately. HELP!



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