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need ideas for super-cheap kitchen update

14 years ago


I've been trolling this forum looking for ideas and inspiration on how I might update my mid-90s, oak-intensive kitchen on a shoestring budget. It finally occurred to me that I should just ask all of you!

I'm attempting to link to photos since I could not figure out how to get them into the body of my message like so many of you have done:

By "shoestring", I mean there is virtually no budget at all! We would have to do really small projects and spread them out to about one per month. If it takes a full year, that's ok.

We have the money to paint this month, and it is a definite need...the dining half of the room is wallpapered, and the wallpaper is torn and peeling. I kind of like sage green for a wall color, but with all that oak...I just don't know.

Next on the to-do list is a low-budget tile back splash behind the stove, since the wallpaper already on there is coming down during the painting project. We put that up "temporarily"...12 years ago! I might also go around the counter perimeter and put up 6x6 tiles as a mini-back splash. Usually counter surface material comes up the wall a few inches, but ours doesn't.

The update is mostly for our own enjoyment, although there is a very small chance we might sell in the next year or two. So I guess no blazing bold wall colors. :)

All ideas welcome!

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