Please help me choose a wall color for my home office!

12 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I would love to get some help in choosing colors for my home office. My husband has his own office in the home, so my office is my own space. I'd like to make it feminine and really inviting.

My office is off of our breakfast room. I am really wanting to do blue color in my office. Was thinking blue silk puddling drapes, some bamboo type roman blinds in a dark brown color, and found a venetian plaster in a blue-(with tinge of gray) color.

I'm eyeing an entertainment unit by Habersham. It is black distressed and has lots of drawers, cabinets, etc. as well as room for a large tv. It has some hand painting design on the doors, in a sortof blue color (only a little of the blue) as well as a bit of bronze. It would hold all of my office supplies, scrapbooking supplies, the tv, etc.

Our home has a sortof european look to the interior, hand chiseled travertine, black wrough iron rails, heavy chandeliers with iron, etc.

Can you see a room like that off of a (breakfast) room that has a very bright bold green in it? Our breakfast room is Tupelo Tree by SW. It is a bit lighter in my room than the swatch looks, maybe because I have a wall of windows in the breakfast room?! But it is a very bold, bright green.

Is it okay to do a blue room right next to that green room? The blues would not be nearly the intensity that the green room next to it is. I do have 6 windows in my office, and they are almost floor to ceiling, so lots of light.

I can see the room in my mind, I"m just not sure it "fits" next to the green breakfast room. Anyone care to help me learn the rules about that? If I somehow pulled that green into the room by a plant or something, would that be enough to go with my blue room that I want? Or is there something else I could do to make blue work in there?? I'm open to other colors as well, I'd just really love to have a blue office. :o)

Here's a photo of my breakfast room, which I've posted on a thread here before....

My office is to the right of the photo, with a large "french door" size opening into my office.

I appreciate so much any advice that you can share. I really want to get that room done, just need to figure out which direction to go in. :o)

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